Wednesday July 13, 2016

Swiss Chard is actually one of the more nutrient dense veggies we grow.  It’s many bright colors are attractive & evidence of the healthy antioxidants found within; reasons why this crop is a staple in most CSA farm shares.  The variety we grow, Rainbow Swiss Chard, is also quite beautiful when all the different colors get collected up into a bunch. There is a beauty in diversity; in bringing lots of differences together in a bunch.

At the farm we have quite the diverse collection of folks that make up our staff this summer.  Last week our summer youth interns started work at the farm.  Some of them are native Buffalonians & have grown up in the neighborhood, but others have come from half a world away, from places like Nepal or Burma.  It’s been great to see them plug in alongside our staff & volunteers to help keep the farm growing in this challenging growing season.chard

Many of these youth have worked with us before, with James in his 4th summer with us, Say Lah back from last summer, & Shar & Bhawana carrying over from their spring internship.  The rest of them, Ah Wei, Khem Adikarhi, & Lah Tay Aung were a part of the after school program we worked with this past school year.  During their time in this program we had the students share some thoughts about the work they saw 5 Loaves Farm doing in their neighborhood…


5 Loaves farm provides many nutritional foods.  We learn new things every time we meet.  5 Loaves teaches about team work, patience, focus, & social justice.  Not only does it teach us those things, they provide jobs for teens like us to make money.

– Ah Wei

Welcome to 5 Loaves Farm.  Here at 5 Loaves Farm we grow fresh vegetables for the community.  5 Loaves will provide you with fresh vegetables that are chemical free.  We hire students in the summer if they need jobs.  5 Loaves provides healthy plants to the people of their community.  Choose 5 Loaves to stay healthy and join 5 Loaves to keep others healthy.” 

– Cree Hay

5 Loaves Farm is an organic farm on Buffalo’s West Side.  They work for justice by allowing people to learn more about each other by working together.  They help people that need money by giving them jobs.  It helps other people around the neighborhood by providing food that they have grown.” 

– Htoo Soe

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