Wednesday July 27, 2016

It’s late July & the peak of the growing season.  With all the warm weather (& even a little rain this week) almost everything is ripening (notice the harvesting this week list)! Summer squash are a crop that this time of year you have to almost harvest each day as new fruits are ripening.  Here are a few of the varieties that we have growing & some recommendations on preparing them…


Perhaps the most familiar summer squash.  Ideally picked young & tender before the seedy center has developed, it can easily be chopped & sautéed to be included in numerous recipes.  However, it can also be chopped into sticks eaten fresh, grilled, or even breaded & fried.  Often zucchini hide under the large leaves of a plant (or if you try to go away for a quick vacation) & if they don’t get picked can get quite large in just a couple days.  These large zucchini with seedy centers are great for a Stuffed Zucchini recipe, where you remove the seedy centers, or shredding to bake into a bread or other baked goods (see Zucchini Brownies).

Patty Pan Squash                                                These are a chef’s favorite summer squash.  They are great in soups or classic Italian pasta sauces.  They get seedy centers very rapidly & are ideal picked a bit green and no bigger than a baseball.  They can be sliced & cooked just like zucchinis.

Yellow Zucchini

These are the same fruit as dark green zucchini, so they have the same cook time & can be used to replace other yellow summer squashes (that have a longer cook time) to add color into your summer dishes.

Yellow Crook-Necked Squash                      This is a Pennsylvania Dutch heirloom variety that we grow.  As mentioned these are a bit meatier & take a bit more time to cook, as well as having a tougher skin that you may want to remove before cooking.  If fruit develop during times where water is scarce (like this summer) they develop a sweeter taste, but also a warty skin that you would definitely want to remove before cooking. Make sure to check out the featured recipes to see some more of our favorite summer squash recipes & enjoy their mid-summer bounty!

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