Wednesday June 1, 2016

Sprouts are so easy to grow & so packed full of nutrients!  They take just a few days (around 5) to grow & this can be done right on your kitchen counter.  The Lexington Co-Op sells the seeds & fancy sproutinimg_0776g kits & lids… However, you just need a mason jar, bowl & some cheese cloth or piece of screen.  After soaking the seeds overnight, just rinse them out 1-2 times a day, inverting the rinsed jar of seeds in a bowl, so it continues to drain.

Their nutritional value has been claimed to prevent many cancers, heal the brain, protect your respiratory system, and some even are used as effective diabetes treatments.

At 5 Loaves farm we have mostly grown a blend of brassica sprouts (like radishes & broccoli) & last year added pea shoots.  This year a few more varieties will be available, as we also try mung beans & an “Ancient Eastern Blend”. img_0774

Sprouts are a fitting inclusion in the first week of CSA farm share pick-up.  They
are just the beginnings, but still packed full of good stuff.  The first farm shares of the season are just the beginning of what will hopefully be 5 months packed full of good stuff.  So enjoy some sprouts in this week’s farm share, or grow your own & they’ll even be ready before next week’s pick up!



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