Wednesday June 8, 2016 

Everyone is longing for more than just greens at this point, & broccoli provides a welcome change. The types of broccoli we’ll be growing at 5 Loaves Farm this year provide a good example of how small-scale growers can specialize to provide unique, great tasting, high quality produce that you might not always see in the supermarkets.

While large-scale growers usually focus on pumping out high volumes of uniform units of produce, small-scale growers can focus on quality & taste, which builds a loyal customer base to keep their operations going.

The many different varieties broccoli vary from large heading to sprouting broccoli.  The spring variety we are growing is closer to a sprouting broccoli.  Sprouting broccoli yields smaller heads at first, but overall yields can actually be higher as it pops out lots of plump side shoots that can be harvested as broccoli florets.  These smaller florets are more tender, & focus & intensify the flavor.csa-web

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