Wednesday August 10, 2016

Our day ended today with a few of the over ripe or bruised tomatoes flying through the air…  Most of them aimed squarely at one of our teen interns!  With the farm full of teenagers this summer, we’ve become accustomed to spontaneous outburst of fun & craziness!!

At 5 Loaves Farm we are of course growing lots of delicious “honeydrop” cherry tomatoes, “green zebras“, & juicy large greenhouse tomatoes.  However, 5 Loaves Farm is growing much more than just veggies… 1401704_644313478932426_1519418752_o

Our summer youth internship ends this week, but the seeds planted, life & job skills nurtured, & future potential of these young people is just beginning to grow!

A summer internship with 5LF builds responsibility, inspires creativity, engages youth in being positive change agents in our community, & equips them with key job skills for the future.  We have great partners to make all this happen.  Teachers & personal mentors are provided by 716 Ministries to teach job readiness skills such as, interview prep, goal setting, time management, & conflict resolution.  And these internships are made possible by funding from the Mayor’s Summer Internship Program.

So we are thankful for the service these young people have given & excited as they grow & go onto the next of life’s adventures!

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