Thursday August 25, 2016

This is the time of year where we have a surplus of produce being pumped out of our garden.  Many of them are staples like beans, tomatoes, peppers, & eggplant.

image2This has been great for us as it has allowed us to get this produce out to different markets.  We have sold tomatoes to theLexington Co-OpOsteria 166, & Mothers.  Herbs have gone to Grindhaus Cafe & Vera Pizzeria, with beans & chilis going to Family Thai at the Westside Bazaar.  These complement our regular deliveries of salad greens to additional restaurants like Sweetness7 & the Gourmet Store.  Also this has given us much to bring to the Elmwood-Bidwell Market on Saturday mornings.

We are also offering these extras, which are perfect for canning, making a great tomato sauce, or salsa recipe, to our CSA members at our Thursday farm share pick-up.

So support these local businesses & 5LF by stopping by to try our produce in their delicious dishes, by visiting us at Bidwell Parkway Saturday mornings, or picking up extras at CSA farm share pick-up.

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