Wednesday September 28, 2016

When we think of fall we often think of colors…

The past few weeks our displays at the CSA farm share pick-up or farmers’ market have been very colorful… From the deep hues of the eggplants, to the bright colors of late season flower bouquets, to mixed baskets of wax beans, & the multicolored bins of peppers.

This year we are growing a number of pepper varieties, many of them turning out quite colorful.  The late summer rains helped the pepper plants produce heavy crops of these colorful beauties over the past month.  With a few exceptions the days have stayed warm (even though we just ended our record streak of 102 straight days of 70+ degree weather), & this too has helped pepper production.

King of the North is our green pepper variety.  Specially adapted for our shorter cooler growing condition here in the northeast, this is a very early yielding pepper that reminds us… winter is coming!

Iko Iko is an Asian sweet pepper that has been a big hit at the farmer’s market with its purple peppers along with whites, reds, & yellows.

Often mistaken for hot peppers our Sweet Hungarian Bananapeppers are another colorful lot, turning from light yellow to bright red as they mature.

Numex Joe E. Parker is our green chile, or Anaheim hot pepper.  It is the biggest & mildest of our hot peppers.  These are best picked green.

Jalapeno peppers ripen even as they are green.  However, they will turn red if left on the vine long enough.  These red jalapeños can be smoked to make a traditional chipotle pepper.

Cayenne peppers are the hottest ones we grow.  These are a staple for making a red hot sauce.  Also red ones can be dried & crushed to make crushed red pepper.

The last month has had us enjoying all these wonderful pepper flavors & colors.  So enjoy the last few colorful batches before fall’s colors & cool weather takes over!

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