Thursday October 6, 2016

Mashed sweet potatoes, topped with some brown sugar & walnuts, sitting on the table next the turkey, stuffing, & cranberry sauce… Mmmm, can you smell it? Doesn’t it take you right back to the table where you’re celebrating Thanksgiving.

The orange sweet potatoes we enjoy at our fall harvest celebrations are often confused with yams (see pictures below to see the difference), & are often labeled in cans as yams, with the USDA required label of “sweet potato” somewhere in the fine print.  Either way they are a tasty addition to the fall harvest table. img_0128

For the past 5 years 5 Loaves farm has been celebrating the fall harvest with our “Celebrate the Harvest” festival.  This year we are going to be hosting this event with our neighbors on Friday, October 14 from 4-9pm.  Early in the evening we’ll have games & bounce houses for the kids right at the farm, followed by a dinner complete with turkey & sweet potatoes!  We’ll wrap up the night with movies & popcorn in the new “farm house” being renovated at 70 W. Delavan.

We hope you’ll come out & celebrate with our neighbors the good things that have been growing at 5 Loaves Farm.  Please let us know if you’d like to help out in any way, or just come & join in the festivities.

There are many sweet rewards of harvest time that we love to celebrate; sweet potatoes being just one of them.  Like mentioned above, the orange sweet potato (seen below) is often confused with the more tropical yam (the white fleshed tuber pictured below).

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes love growing in the heat, so this summer was perfect for them.  They are mostly grown in the southern US.  We get our “slips”, or small plants for transplanting (made by cutting sprouts off last years sweet potatoes), from a company in Virginia to make sure our sweet potatoes have a head start & enough growing season to plump up before the fall frosts.

So again, please come join us & enjoy the many sweet treats of the fall harvest as we Celebrate the Harvest on Oct. 14th!

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