Thursday October 27, 2016

The forecast for tonight calls for the potential of some snowflakes to be flying around.  The days grow quite short, the winds bite a bit more & the cold can really get to you on a soggy day!  All this signals it’s about time for the growing season to wrap up.

Unless you’re fungi!

The cool wet weather of fall is ideal for recipe outdoor fungus harvesting.  Last week we harvested a bunch
of oyster mushrooms, the week before that we harvested wine caps, & next year at this time we hope the mitake & shittake mushrooms we inoculated in logs will finally be fruiting!

For a tasty way to cook up these mushrooms, check out our risotto .

This year our CSA farm share offerings grew so much.  First of all we doubled the number of shares we offered this year, & despite one of the worst droughts in a generation or more, we still provided almost 10% more value than our members paid into the program.  Another winning year for those that invested in the farm!

Also we have continued to grow new exciting & novel crops for our CSA members, mushrooms being just one of them.  This year we offered nearly eighty different crops in our farm shares & had something new in them each week.

We also were able to grow our connections & influence in the urban farming movement here in Buffalo.  The oyster mushrooms wouldn’t have been a reality without our partnership with Flat 12 Mushrooms.  They provided the inoculated straw “logs” that they grew on.  Also we were able to partner with other farms in the Farmer Pirates Cooperative to have a stand at the Elmwood-Bidwell farmer’s market, & we are now working with a diverse set of stakeholders in our local food system to shape policies that affect that system, by being a part of the Buffalo-Erie Food Policy Council.

So it’s been a “growing season” indeed…  & we are so grateful for all who have made this growth possible.  We look forward to a season of rest over the colder months as we prepare for the next “growing season”!

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