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Wednesday, March 15

Quite the snow storm right now!  But…

Did you feel the sun this past weekend?  Both days it quickly melted the inch or two of snow; our sidewalks were clear without a bit of shoveling!

Though March brings us a cold snap or two and the inevitable early spring snow, when the sun actually shines through, we can tell that its warmth is growing.  We can tell the coming of spring is also inevitable…

The back and forth from cold to warmth this time of year is actually what helps out our maple syrup production.  After an extremely warm winter, we were doubtful about the amount of sap we’d actually be able to collect.  However, we’ve already met our production goals and have enough syrup for all our CSA members and even have extra left over!

Some of that extra syrup will be at our 4th Annual Pancake Breakfast & Urban Maple Syrup Demo, this Saturday from 9am-Noon at the House of Grace (175 Potomac Ave).  Come enjoy a delicious breakfast sourced from local producers, experience urban maple syrup production, and support 5 Loaves farm and our mission to grow good things in our neighborhood.

As you come mingle with others investing in and connected to the mission of the farm, our hope is that you will also sense the warmth of community growing around the farm in our neighborhood!  See you there!!

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