Monday, May 8

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Participating in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) means being a part a new more just food system.  It’s a different way of getting and relating to your food.  Over the month of May, in lead-up to our first farm share pick-up, we want to share with you some of things you can expect from being a part of a CSA.

This week we’re exploring some of the big ideas to keep in mind as you come to pick-up your food from 5 Loaves Farm.  In future weeks we’ll explore more expectations about the details and logistics of our CSA program.

Supermarket v. CSA

Being in a CSA changes the way you shop for food.

  • Shop from your basket – You’ll learn to shop from your farm share basket first.  Once you see the bounty of beautiful crops in your pick-up basket, you can start to craft a weekly menu and additional shopping list that will compliment your farm share.

  • Seasonal specialties – The diverse make-up of your farm share will take you on a gastronomical journey through the WNY growing season.  Spring greens and peas, to summer staples (think: garlic, tomatoes, peppers), to fall comfort foods like squash and sweet potatoes.  And don’t be surprised if each week you find something in your basket that you’ve never tried before!

  • The price of perfect – Those supermarket varieties that have been selected to look “perfect” often sacrifice flavor & nutrient value for productivity, longevity, and marketability.  Varieties on the farm like our honeynut squash, Caroline raspberries, and mesclun mix might not look like your typical supermarket fare, but have been specially selected to balance both flavor and fruitfulness.  And don’t forget, the freshness of our picked-that-day tomatoes, cantaloupes, or carrots just simply can’t be bought in a supermarket!

Small Is Beautiful – A Community Based Economy

If you have bought a farm share with 5 Loaves farm you have bought more than just food!  You are investing in urban community development right here on the West Side of Buffalo…

  • Employing neighborhood young adults and teens

  • Providing educational and spiritual resources to your neighbors

  •  Actively creating a more just local food system.

Food with a Face on It!

The CSA model originated in Japan, where it was literally called food with a farmer’s face on it.  Being a part of a CSA connects you to the source of your food…

  • The land and ecosystem it was grown in

  • The people who grow it

  • The neighbors that consume it with you.

We hope you will take time to visit the farm for a Saturday morning work day, hang out on pick-up days, have a glass of ice tea with us and learn more about the people growing your food, or come to events like our CSA Picnic and Celebrate the Harvest to connect with other community members who are investing in shaping a more just local food system here in Buffalo.

We again welcome you to the 5 Loaves Farm Community Supported Agriculture program, and are excited to partner with you in our mission to provide healthy foods along with economic, educational, and spiritual resources to our neighbors!

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