Thursday, May 25

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By now it should be clear that Community Support Agriculture represents a different way to connect to your food source; the increased variety, the freshness of picked-that-day produce, new tastes, benefits to the community and local economy.

You should also recognize that sourcing your food through a CSA farm share is also different in terms of access and convenience.  So let’s go through some of the logistics of farm share pick-up…

First of all, farm shares are only available for pick-up on Thursdays, from 4-7pm at the farm headquarters at 140 Dewitt St.  Pick-up begins next Thursday, June 1 and runs through the last Thursday in October.

Farm share pick-up means the excitement of seeing what’s in this week’s harvest, meeting the people that grew your food, having conversations with them and other CSA members about their favorite foods and ways to prepare them, and stopping by the farm to actually see next weeks farm share growing out of the ground!

However, we do understand that there is less convenience with a CSA farm share.  We appreciate you choosing to support local growers and youth in our community by buying from us.  As a thank you from us we have built into our pricing and production plans to provide our members with 10% more value than you paid in.  This is your dividend, one of your profits from investing in 5 Loaves Farm.

To get the most out of your investment, here are some tips for farm share pick-up:

  • Bring a reusable bag to take your produce home in, or rent a basket from us for a small $10 fee for the year.

  • Coming early to have the most choice in what makes up your farm share.

  • Review the storage tips and recipes provided with your farm share.

  • Ask questions of the farmers or other CSA members about the best ways to use items that might be new to you.

  • See our post on shopping from your basket when building your shopping list and dinner menu for the week.

  • Plan to stick around for a while… check out what the chickens are up to, take a walk through the farm, or chat with the farmers and other members!

  • If  you can’t make it one week, find a friend to bless and share the bounty by having them pick it up.

  • Remember freezing or drying can be a great way to preserve produce you just can’t use up in a week.

Because we value the freshness of the produce we provide you, please consider the following:

  • In an effort to provide the freshest produce possible we are picking and processing your food right-up until pick-up begins.  Therefore we cannot make farm shares available before 4pm.

  • Remember that in your CSA application you agreed to pick-up during the designated hours.  While we will try to be flexible when possible, we have over 40 families to coordinate pick-up for, and to be fair and consistent we cannot guarantee that produce can be picked up outside of those times.

Again we thank our members for investing in us, and hope you get great satisfaction and enjoyment out of receiving a farm share from 5 Loaves Farm.

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