Thursday, July 20

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5 Loaves Farm is definitely full of youth this summer!  Last week, seven summer youth interns began work with us on the farm.  We’ve already had lots of fun, begun to work on developing valuable work skills, and visited City Hall to instigate change that will help future urban farmers and market gardeners in Buffalo.  We hope spending a summer with us inspires them to use their unique gifts and talents to be positive change agents in our community.  This is all part of 5 Loaves Farm’s mission to  create a more just local food system, while also providing educational, economic, and spiritual resources to our neighbors.  

On the fun side, we’ve been digging through “compost pies” with our mouths looking for worms, learning the finer points of using a hose to water the garden (and maybe some of our co-workers too), and collecting eggs from the farm’s chickens, with one or two of them perhaps ending up smashed on someones forehead!  All the while getting to know each other and learning how to work as a diverse team, made up of people born on three different continents and from five different countries.

On the more serious side we’ve been getting the work of the farm done; learning about redemption as we compost, stewardship as we care for chickens, hope as we plant seeds, temptations & distractions as we weed, and blessings as we harvest produce from the gardens.

20170715_121621 (1)

We’ve also been learning valuable job skills with the Job Readiness Program run by 716 Ministries.  Most of these youth are working their first job, and we want to make sure they are set up for success here at 5 Loaves Farm this summer and in whatever jobs and careers they launch into from here.

Lastly, we also hope to be equipping and inspiring them to be the change they want to see in this world.  We visited City Hall, complete with a trip to the observation deck up top, but also to talk with the Common Council.  This Tuesday we presented, along with a coalition of urban growers and the Food Policy Council of Buffalo – Erie County, a proposal to the Common Council that will hopefully provide more affordable water access to all the urban farms and market gardens throughout Buffalo.  Bringing these young emerging leaders along, they are empowered to use their unique passions and gifts to affect change in our communities around the issues that matter to them.


All this fun, help with the work of the farm, and inspiration as we see the next generation of community leaders emerge, helps keep our adult staff youthful as well!


We are so grateful for the Mayor’s Youth Employment Program that funds these young workers.  We are also grateful to all our supporters, who through purchasing our produce are not only investing in their health, but in the health of their community and the lives of the wonderful young people that are a part of it!

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