Thursday, August 10

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By the beginning of August we look at the natural world around us, and it starts to become obvious that we are passing the peak of the growing season…  a cool crisp morning, a splash of color on a tree near the roadside, the fields turning from green to a more golden hue…

This week marks the mid-point of our Community Supported Agriculture program, and our farm shares are filling up with all the staples of the summertime harvest.  This peak of the season is exciting, and will be gone soon, so while it’s here we want to celebrate it!


Tomatoes and sweet corn make it into the shares for the first time this week, along with a plethora of summer squash, cucumbers, and green beans.  Garlic, onions, and potatoes come each week now, and our bags and baskets begin to fill up more.


Our young spring chicks are growing larger and more eggs will be on the way before we know it.

This is the time of year when farmers gather together to celebrate the peak of the growing season with county and state fairs (the Erie County Fair starts this week).  This Sunday the urban farmers of Buffalo are gathering to celebrate with a “Country Fair in the City”, hosted by the Farmer Pirates Cooperative, and Promise Valley Farm in South Buffalo.  August 13th, from 1-5pm, prize veggies, livestock, games, baked goodies, and even a kale eating contest, will all be featured at 462 Elk Street.  Bring the kids and join us for this unique celebration of urban agriculture!

Reaching any peak is an exciting time; getting to experience something to max. However, it can also be twinged by the bittersweet reality that it’s all downhill from here!  We still have many weeks to come of plentiful harvests at the farm, but soon the make-up of the farm shares starts to give us hints of the change in seasons as well, with the winter squash, pumpkins, and storage root veggies (like parsnips, sweet potatoes, and rutabagas) being added to our farm shares.

So before summer is gone, come out and celebrate at the “Country Fair in the City”, this Sunday at Promise Valley!


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