Thursday, September 28

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It’s that time of year again, for us to invite neighbors and farm supporters of all kinds to our annual fall fundraiser, Celebrate the Harvest.  Friday, October 20 from 5-9pm, will be a night filled with good food, family fun, prizes and even a campfire with music!

It is a time to celebrate with our neighbors the good things that are growing at the farm.  We’ll enjoy delicious homemade soups made from ingredients grown on the farm, fall deserts – including fresh pumpkin spice donuts (again made with pumpkins grown on the farm), and prizes from local artisans and food producers.  You’ll get to check out the ongoing redevelopment of the new farmhouse next to farm and get to meet some of the young people from the neighborhood that have been a part of growing 5 Loaves Farm over the past year.  Admission to the event is free and we ask that you pay as you can for the dinner and treats.  Come see how supporting 5 Loaves farm, through either your giving, or purchasing our produce, is making an impactful investment in our community.

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We hope you’ll also come to understand the different ways you can support 5 Loaves Farm; from being a CSA member, to visiting our stand at the Elmwood Village Farmers Market, to attending our Contemplation and Cultivation group that meets each Saturday during the growing season, or learning how you can help mentor the youth that work with us on the farm.

It has been a bountiful year and we are so grateful to get to continue to grow food for our community, right in the heart of the community.  So again, please come out and join us as we celebrate and give thanks for the bountiful blessings we’re experiencing – and hope you are experiencing as well – at 5 Loaves Farm!


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