Thursday, July 12

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Food always makes making friends easier.  One of the most compelling reasons for being part of a Community Supported Agriculture program is for the community that it builds.  5 Loaves Farm desires to be a hub for neighbors, local business owners, and community groups to connect around food, health, and holistic wellness. This looks like hosting parties (like post pick-up campfires, or the CSA picnic on 7/22), sharing recipes, having yoga & massage sessions at the farmhouse, making space on Saturday mornings for a time of quiet reflection in the garden, as well as partnering with Song Roastery & Nickel City Floral to provide a venue for them to distribute fresh coffee & flowers.  

People connecting over food… We do it all the time when we invite new & old friends over for dinner, but it’s neat to see what happens when those growing & those eating the food get to connect.  I get to hear stories about creative ways we’re preparing & sharing food we may have never tried before, or memories shared of how our families always made that special dish at a certain times of the year. It’s fun to see the emotional connection we have with food, & how that helps us connect emotionally with each other.

Building up this community benefits those directly involved, first by providing support for creating more healthy lifestyles, and secondly by providing opportunities for us to learn from each other’s unique talents and skills.  Our CSA community also specifically helps farmers and entrepreneurs, by supporting a local economy & food system that sees more money going directly to the neighbors growing our food (the typical industrial farmer sees only $.019 of every dollar spent on food, while direct marketing allows all the money to flow to local farmers).

So keep sharing!  It’s been great to get recipes from folks, and please keep sending them our way.  This week’s featured recipe, using currants harvested from the farm was shared by one of the current CSA members, Jamie Rackl, who is also sharing her talents as a massage therapist by offering chair massage from 4:30-5:30pm today during CSA pick-up.  One of our treats to sample at pick-up today is a drink flavored with elderberry flowers, made by CSA member Anna Matejova, a drink that has long been a summertime classic for her family.

Community Supported Agriculture is a beautiful, nourishing, and delicious reflection of the natural interdependent communities that surround and sustain us.  We can only do this together, so thank you all!

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