Thursday, July 26

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From added youth workers, to visiting volunteer groups, community organizations, and committed volunteers from our community, the 5 Loaves Farm staff has received a lot of support lately, and the farm shows it…

Three weeks ago we added nine youth interns as a part of the City of Buffalo’s Mayor’s Summer Internship Program.  The city pays for these youth to work 20 hours a week with us.  We have an amazing group with us this year, some returning from years past and a bunch of new faces.  Together they are working hard to spruce up the farm, and because of their efficient hard work, we’re almost running out of weeds for them to weed!  These youth are also getting support from the 716 Ministries Job Readiness Program.  A dedicated group of staff and volunteers teach and coach these youth one-on-one on the soft skills necessary to be successful in the workplace.

The last two weeks we’ve seen volunteers from out-of-town youth groups working on the farm to help us tackle important projects.  Last week a group of over a dozen teens from Tenth Presbyterian Church, in Philadelphia, PA, helped us start to clean-up and overhaul our composting operations on the farm.  This week we had a youth group from Michigan visiting Pioneer Camp, in Angola, come and serve on the farm to help create new gardens along the sidewalk at our newest garden lots on the corner of Dewitt & Helen Streets.

This week, amazing pieces of art have been showing up at the Farmhouse, all created by artists connected to 5 Loaves Farm.  Friday night, from 6-8pm at the Farmhouse, their artwork will be on display as well as for sale.  The artists have contributed this artwork to support 5LF’s summer fundraiser, as a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their artwork goes to support the farm’s work.  The event also features live music from one of our youth workers and refreshments from the farm.


Then this weekend is the 24th annual GardenWalk Buffalo garden tour, and the sidewalk gardens built over the last week were made possible by financial support from GardenWalk.  Gardenwalk is the largest garden tour in the country with over 400 gardens all right here on Buffalo’s west side.  This pioneering group of gardeners has been restoring pride and hope in our west side neighborhood for over two decades and we’re grateful both for their support to create beautiful pollinator gardens around our farm, and for the support they have given to so many in our neighborhood.

So come visit the farm either Friday night, and support our work by participating in the Art on the Farm fundraiser, or make the farm one of your stops on your GardenWalk tour this weekend and support us along with other local gardeners that have been creating beauty and hope in our neighborhood!

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