Thursday, February 14


Seeds freshly placed in potting mix. Waiting and watching for the seedling to emerge, sprouting bright green out of the dark, moist soil.

That is what this late winter season feels like to me. We have tangible signs of the spring that will come with our onion and lettuce seeds already started indoors! But we also have some other symbols of this growing expectation. Our 2019 CSA program is full! We know which families are going to be receiving weekly or bi-weekly shares of fruits and vegetables from us, we know where everything in the garden is going to grow, and what varieties of each crop we are going to grow. While we don’t yet have the opportunity to get into the full swing of the growing season, we know that soon that time is coming and for now we will continue to enjoy the slow pace of the winter as we continue to plan for and dream about the seasons to come!


At 5 Loaves Farm we believe strongly in the power of seeds and in what they teach us about hope, expectation, and growth. 5 Loaves Farm was started 7 years ago, in 2012. That year a few raspberry bushes and some veggies were planted on a couple city lots. Now, in 2019 we have over 15 city lots. We are growing food for 34 families and individuals as well as the countless people who buy our produce at the farmers market. During the growing season, regular volunteers come every week to help with various farm tasks. Last year we offered 21 paid youth internship positions throughout the season. We now have a Farmhouse, a space used for community dinners as well as being open for neighbors to host parties or events.

7 years ago a seed was planted in the west side of Buffalo; a seed full of hope and vision. A vision that this neighborhood is worth investing in, that the people who live here have incredible value and they deserve to be provided with access to healthy food as well as economic and educational opportunities. While this vision has not yet been fully seen, the fruits of that seed have surely been tasted. We have the faith that the time, work, and money that we all invest into this farm and neighborhood will be multiplied and used to reach more people than could be realized.

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