Thursday, March 7


Waking up. Stretching. Preparing our minds and bodies for action. That’s what March feels like to me. A good layer of snow is on the ground and temperatures are still sitting below freezing, yet there is anticipation in the air. We know that by the end of this month we will be seeing more green than white, the temperature will slowly continue to rise, and we will soon be able to start working outside again. Yet, we already have hints of this movement even now, at the beginning of the month. We are in the process of planting seeds indoors, the sprouts of garlic can be seen poking out of the snow, and the sap in the maple trees is beginning to run!


All winter the trees, much like ourselves, have laid dormant. Resting. Waiting. Preparing. For us, the winter has been a time of storing up energy, of releasing the busy schedule and physically demanding time of the planting season. For the trees, winter is a part of the seasonal cycle of this region, releasing their leaves and remaining inactive. Yet that time is almost over. With the temperatures beginning to rise, the trees are beginning to thaw and the sap is starting to run! This week be will head out to Delaware Park and begin the process of collecting this maple sap.

I enjoy everything about the maple syrup process: identifying the right trees, figuring out the best spot on the tree to drill in the spout, checking the buckets every couple days, boiling down the sap into syrup, then sharing that syrup with friends and family! Beyond the physical activity of tapping the maple trees, I love what it indicates about this season. It’s a time of awakening, of shaking off the winter blues, stretching out unused muscles, and of abandoning our reclusive habits and drawing together.

On Saturday, March 23rd from 9am-noon at our Farmhouse, (70 W. Delavan),  we are hosting our annual Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser as a celebration of this season. We hope that you join us as we come together to enjoy what could be considered the “first fruits” of the year. This is an opportunity to not only eat tasty pancakes and learn about the maple syrup process, but to join into something with others. Take this as a step into the new season, one of growing, giving, and gathering. We hope you can join us!


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