Thursday, April 25

Growing healthy soil is how good farmers grow healthy food. In urban gardens there are concerns about soil contamination, but growers here in Buffalo have been partnering with researchers and policy makers to come up with best practices to build safe healthy soil to grow that healthy food in. On Saturday, May 11th, from 2-7pm, 5 Loaves Farm invites you to join us for a conversation with local experts as we build soil together in our gardens and share dinner together.

Our Celebrating Soil event gives people a chance to connect with new people and new ideas, a chance to care for the earth as we learn how to regenerate healthy soil in our gardens , and a chance to collaborate with 5 Loaves Farm in building healthy soil and growing healthy food.


In tackling big issues we need the expertise, perspective and talents of more than just ourselves. As the urban growers in Buffalo have looked to develop best practices for building safe healthy soil, we’ve connected with ongoing research being done by Cornell University and Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) in urban farms in New York City and here in Buffalo. Sharon Bachman of CCE will be speaking on the findings of that research that has implications for urban farmers, community gardeners, and backyard growers alike. Composting is an amazing process that redeems and heals, and plays a big role in regenerating our urban soils. 5 Loaves Farm gets much of the compost we use from Ignacio Villa, and rest of the Farmer Pirates Compost Crew. “Nacho” will be sharing with us about the role of compost in this whole process and how we can begin composting ourselves, either by joining the Farmer Pirates residential compostables pick-up, or building a simple compost system yourself.


The Celebrating Soil event is one of the workshops being held in conjunction with the Indeterminacy Festival. The festival looks to create powerful and beautiful action by bringing together a diverse set of collaborators, each bringing their unique perspective, expertise, and talents to the table. During our workshop, you are invited to collaborate with 5 Loaves Farm in growing healthy soils & food as you help with the building of beds and spring plantings.

5 Loaves Farm has been collaborating over the past six months with a number of other urban growers, the Food Policy Council of Buffalo & Erie County, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and others to develop a set of standards that all urban growers in the greater buffalo area can pledge to follow. This will help both farmers and consumers know they can find safe healthy foods in our urban market and community gardens.


The event concludes with a dinner at the 5 Loaves Farmhouse in honor of St. Isidore, the patron saint of farm workers, and whose feast day is May 15. Known as a farm laborer that cared for both the earth and his neighbors, he and his wife, St. Maria Torribia, were remembered for their hospitality; always having a pot of stew on to share with anyone in need who passed by. We too want to thank and share a meal with the laborers that are working with 5 Loaves Farm in creating safe soils and growing healthy food in our Buffalo community.

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