Thursday, September 12

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It’s time for the 8th Annual Celebrate the Harvest fundraiser at 5 Loaves Farm on September 28th from 4-7pm!  Since it’s genesis, this event has been about celebrating with our neighbors.  This year we’re celebrating the diverse cultures, talents, and skills of our neighbors.  We’ll have Asian street food and sports brought to us by our youth employees, customized art work by some ladies that live right next to the farm, grilled salmon from a fisherman that lives up the street from the farm, soups featuring farm produce from our church members, and Puerto Rican foods from another neighbor!

Celebrate the Harvest 2019 (1)

Thanks to donations from Wegmans and members of the Buffalo Vineyard Church, we’ll have free soup and bread in the farmhouse and sporting events like soccer, volleyball and chinlone.

Those looking to support our fundraising efforts can buy tickets to enjoy desserts, fresh homemade pumpkin spice donuts, the grilled salmon (brought to us by Sitka Salmon), Puerto Rican foods, and Asian street foods, as well as the artwork produced on the spot from local artists.

There will also be raffle prizes from Darling Bee, Lynoaken Farms, Schulze Wines, and many more.  If you own or know of a business that would like to sponsor the event or donate please contact us, or click here to find out more details.

We hope you’ll also come and discover the many different ways you can support 5 Loaves Farm; from being a CSA member, to visiting our stand at the Elmwood Village Farmers Market, to attending our Contemplation and Cultivation group that meets each Saturday during the growing season, or learning how you can help mentor the youth that work with us on the farm.

It has been a bountiful year and we are so grateful to get to continue to grow food for our community, right in the heart of the community.  So again, please come out and join us as we celebrate the diverse peoples that surround and are such an important part of keeping 5 Loaves Farm growing!

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