Thursday, March 19

Blog TitlesToday marks the beginning of Spring, and even in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, we at 5 Loaves Farm remain committed to responding with hope, not fear.  Spring is still coming, the plants are still growing, and therefore, we also remain committed to producing healthy food for our community.  Thirdly, we remain committed to being a safe space for folks to interact at a safe distance; a place that can nurture our mental and spiritual health.


Hope, Not Fear

After an especially anxious afternoon earlier this week, I went in to water our seedling nursery.  As I watered basil seedlings that were just sprouting & saw our broccoli plants putting on their first true leaves, the words Wendell Berry wrote in his poem The Peace of Wild Things, came to mind, “I come into the peace of wild things – who do not tax themselves with the forethought of fear.”  Spring is still coming, life is carrying on, and out of this dark and dreary time, new life is resurrecting the world around us.  Seeing these seeds come to life with such little effort on my part, paired with the knowledge that I get the privilege to tend and help this life flourish here in our community, filled me with such hope.


Producing Healthy Food For Our Community

We have hoophouses full of over-wintered greens and a seedling nursery full of plants that are already going into the ground, so in the midst of the panic about food shortages, 5 Loaves Farm is here for our community to provide the healthy foods that sustain and build strong immune systems.

From March through mid-May, nearly 100% of our produce goes to schools and restaurants, both of which are closed right now.  This means we have the opportunity to provide these great foods directly to our neighbors.  We are starting to mobilize delivery of this food to members of our community, and be looking over the next week as we reach out to provide both pick-up and delivery options to more of you.  By next Saturday we are looking to be able to provide bagged spinach, bagged kale, and fresh salad mix.  We are also looking into partnering with other farmers and businesses to provide a wider range of products to you.  Again, be watching social media to see how you can either pick-up or get these products delivered to your door.

20200317_131220 (1)

Safe Space

As we’ve been outside boiling maple sap into syrup this week and cleaning up the gardens, it’s been great to see so many folks stopping by.  Social distancing doesn’t need to mean social isolation, and the farm provides a great place for folks to get out of the house, still stay at a safe social distance, and enjoy interaction with others and the beauty that spring brings to WNY.  So stop by and sit on one of our benches, or bring lunch to the back deck at the farmhouse, or our picnic table.  We’d love to chat while we work, and show you the exciting life that is resurrecting at the farm right now!

So stay safe, and during this trying time, trust in the redemptive forces that turn manure into fertilizer.  May this time only deepen our roots, and help us grow stronger as a community!

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