Why A Sliding Scale Model?

5 Loaves Farm is based on the belief that generosity breeds generosity…

We believe in a story about a boy with a basket of food in the midst of a horde of hungry people.  He had the courage to share the little he had to help meet the needs around him. What resulted from this courageous act was a miracle… in the end the crowd had more than enough to go around.

We believe in this story not just because we’ve read it, but because we’ve lived it.

5 Loaves Farm started in 2012 farming 3 barren city lots on the west side of Buffalo, our farm now covers over 15 lots.  In 2013 we started our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program to feed 4 families in the community, this year we’ll have over 30 enrolled.  We’ve had others come forward to give us trucks and tractors, hoop houses and farmhouses, sagely advice and helping hands, all multiplied to meet the needs of people hungry for sustainably produced healthy foods.

We believe that communities have the resources they need to be healthy and thrive, but often because of fear and/or shame individuals keep these resources hidden away.  When we have the courage to live generous lives and share our resources (time, effort, skills, wisdom, money) with those around us that need them, we find they give us so much back in return… we find that there’s more than enough to go around!

With our pay-as-you-can sliding scale model for our CSA program you get to participate in this gracious economy of generosity.  

Those who may have more mouths to feed, or less wage earners in the family, that are carrying burdens of debt, medical bills, or health concerns; our new immigrant neighbors, or senior citizen neighbors, might in this season of life consider paying on the lower end of the sliding scale.

Those who have had the opportunity to earn more, own more, invest more, could consider giving more to help cover costs for other neighbors.

In giving more to the 5 Loaves Farm CSA program you not only increase our ability to provide more food to more people who need access to it, you also help us provide jobs and job training for neighborhood youth, along with beautifying and inspiring hope in our neighborhood.  Giving more can also mean giving us your time and effort, so no matter where you fall on the sliding scale we value what you have to give us. Thank you for choosing to invest in the work of 5 Loaves Farm.

How Does It Work?

You pick your price.  Choose to pay what you can considering what’s been said, your current situation, and how you feel called to respond.

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*5LF CSA program includes 22 weeks of farm share pick-up, from June-October

If none of these options are affordable for you or if you are interested in using EBT/SNAP Benefits, contact us to find out about subsidies that can further reduce the cost, and about alternatives ways of giving to cover the cost of your share.