Tuesday, May 8

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Participating in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) means being a part a new more just food system.  It’s a different way of getting and relating to your food.  Over the month of May, in lead-up to our first farm share pick-up, we want to share with you some of things you can expect from being a part of a CSA.

This week we’re exploring some of the big ideas to keep in mind as you come to pick-up your food from 5 Loaves Farm.  In future weeks we’ll explore more expectations about the details and logistics of our CSA program.

Supermarket v. CSA

Being in a CSA changes the way you shop for food.

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Monday, March 19

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“Who hopes for what they already have?  But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. ”             – St. Paul

Late winter is a season for this kind of hope.  We do not yet have warmth, beauty, and bounty of spring and summer, but we are anxiously awaiting them.  Here at 5 Loaves Farm, in anticipation of the warmer months we have sprung into action preparing for the coming growing season. Continue reading “Monday, March 19”

Thursday, October 26

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Today is the last farm share pick-up for this year’s Community Supported Agriculture program.  For 22 weeks we’ve provided over 90 different crops and over $500 in value to our shareholders that paid in $450!

Last Friday night was a great night to Celebrate the Harvest and another successful growing season.  Thanks again to all that came out to celebrate with us and support us so we can keep growing in the future!! Continue reading “Thursday, October 26”

Thursday, October 19

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Potato leek soup, baked squash, roasted root veggies, a pumpkin pie…  I can almost smell them cooking and feel the warmth of the kitchen on a cool fall day.  We are in the heart of a bountiful fall harvest, with new long-season crops ready to harvest each week…  from acorn to butternut squashes, sweet potatoes to parsnips, leeks to Brussels’ sprouts.

Today we harvested a bunch of fall veggies to go into our soups for this Friday’s Celebrate the Harvest dinner and fundraiser at the new farmhouse at 70 W. Delavan.  We hope you’ll come taste the treats of fall, all while enjoying music by the campfire and festive games for the kids and kids at heart! Continue reading “Thursday, October 19”

Thursday, October 12

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Teikei is the term associated with community supported agriculture (CSA) in the country of Japan, where this model of growing food predates the CSA growing model here in the US.  The word means to “link up” or “put together”.  In Japanese, when used in the context of community agriculture, it has come to mean “putting a farmers face on food”.

Knowing the farmer who grew your food is the best way to know if you are getting the freshest and healthiest food available.  Food today comes with all kinds of certifications and labels, like “non-GMO”, “organic”, or “all-natural”.  These can be misleading and/or confusing.  It has been suggested that the most important certification you can look for in your food is “face certification”; can you look into the face of the people who grew this produce when you buy it?!  So this week we wanted to feature here the faces of the people that grow your food and make 5 Loaves Farm work…

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Thursday, October 5

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At 5 Loaves Farm we try to balance the hard work of cultivating the land with taking time to contemplate the effects that this work has on both us and the community around us.  Each Saturday morning during the growing season (April – October), we gather with people from throughout the community for our Contemplation & Cultivation Group, which specifically focuses on both taking quiet time to reflect on what we observe going on around, within, and between us, and partnering together to do the work of tending the garden. Continue reading “Thursday, October 5”

Thursday, September 21

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If any of you know Patrick Kruse, who has served as an intern and volunteer at the farm for over two years, you know he’s a real fun guy!  During the past few weeks he’s been showing up at the farm and heading directly for a shady part of our lot, where a number of oak logs are stacked… He’ll rummage around for a few minutes and then come back with handfuls of shiitake mushrooms!

Fall is fungus season, where fungi in the world around us start putting out their fruiting bodies, and is the best season to be foraging for edible mushrooms.  The mushrooms we have growing at 5 Loaves farm are all varieties that Patrick inoculated into growing media around the farm over the past two years, and we are now reaping the rewards of his work. Continue reading “Thursday, September 21”

Thursday, September 14

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This year in our Community Supported Agriculture farm shares we have provided twice the amount of fruit that we did last year.  Weather conditions and additional plantings have a lot to do with the increase this year.  However, fruit trees and shrubs are also long-term investments that, for the most part, continue increasing their yields as they grow.  These plantings serve as a reminder of the value of planning, patience and diligence, not only on the farm, but in other areas of life as well. Continue reading “Thursday, September 14”

Thursday, September 7

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I recently returned from a vacation to Atlantic Canada, and throughout our time there I heard a common refrain, sea temperatures and levels are changing,  presenting significant challenges to the local communities and economies.  Whether it was coastline erosion, or new animal species venturing into warmer waters, or local populations of wildlife vanishing for one reason for another, it was clear to the people of this region, regardless of their political leanings, that some things related to climate are changing.

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