Thursday, September 10

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A large part of why 5 Loaves Farm first came to exist is because we wanted to grow healthy food and make it available to anyone in our neighborhood.  Because food plays such an important role in culture, providing access also means providing culturally relevant foods to our neighbors.  Over the past four years we’ve been learning & experimenting with growing these cultural crops, and last fall, as part of the United Way’s Pitch 10 competition, we were awarded funding to create new garden space specifically for growing these crops.  This spring we were able to construct the first half of the garden, but on Saturday, September 19th, we’re looking for a group of people to help us complete this project.  Continue reading “Thursday, September 10”

Thursday, September 3

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If anything typifies the past six months, it is change… changing statistics, changing regulations, changing plans, changing how we live life together as a society; changes on both global and local levels.  Locally, at 5 Loaves Farm we’ve experienced changes in staffing, changes in the market, changes in the seasons.  Globally we’re facing changes dut to the pandemic, but also a due to a changing climate. Continue reading “Thursday, September 3”

Thursday, August 27

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Finding sustainable and safe ways to deal with pests is one of the organic farmer’s biggest challenges.

Every year flea beetles, a small insect that feeds on the brassica (cabbage/mustard) family, wreak havoc on our crops. They feed most during hot spring and summer days, and the hot dry weather we’ve had has provided an ideal environment for them to thrive. Our mustard greens, cabbage, broccoli, collard greens, kale, arugula have all been decimated by these tiny pests, seriously impacting our ability to bring these crops to market.

How we approach this problem and its implications, highlight some of the key concepts of organic farming and key differences from conventional farming.

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Thursday, August 13

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Growth is one of the core values of 5 Loaves Farm; that inside of all of us there has been planted hopes and dreams that we were created to pursue and grow towards.  Over the past four weeks, we have had eight youth from our neighborhood working on the farm, and in the process of them helping the farm to grow, hopefully this experience has been helping them grow towards their goals and dreams. Continue reading “Thursday, August 13”

Thursday, July 30

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GardenWalk Buffalo, the largest garden tour in America, started right here on the West Side of Buffalo. Over 20 years ago about 25 gardeners founded the event as a way to change the image of their neighborhood and to proclaim to the world there was beauty and value here.  While GardenWalk looked a lot different this year 5 Loaves Farm was still able to partake in one of the special programs they offer.

As the event grew, GardenWalk has been able to give out grants to community organizations for projects to improve and beautify their neighborhoods.  This year we received one such award to install native plants along the “hell-strip”, or right-of-way between the sidewalk and the road. These plantings will not only help beautify the neighborhood but actually play an important role in increasing the fertility of the farm and our connections to our neighbors. Continue reading “Thursday, July 30”

Thursday, July 23

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“Let’s go! Hurry up!” Shouts and laughter accompanied the thundering sound of sixteen feet hitting the pavement, racing down the sidewalk to the great befuddlement of neighborhood dog-walkers and passers-by. Ah yes, the vibrant energy of youth. For 4 weeks, from July to August, 5 Loaves Farm is much improved by the smiling faces, mischievous grins, and dedicated work of our summer youth interns. Continue reading “Thursday, July 23”

Thursday, July 16

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At 5 Loaves Farm, we play many games with our youth employees, but one of our favorites is a game called “The 3 Abilities.” It is a team-building game that highlights a combination of values such as connection, generosity, responsibility, and growth, that we try to highlight here on the farm. Art on the Farm, the farm’s summer fundraiser, is also a perfect picture of what this combination of values looks like. Continue reading “Thursday, July 16”

Wednesday, July 2


The taste of a mulberry takes me right back under the shade of the enormous mulberry tree at my grandparents’ house.  It’s thick arching limbs were perfect for climbing. However, there was no need to climb to get more than your fill of berries.  The ends of the limbs draped down almost right to the ground, with free-ranging chickens right underneath gobbling up the carpet of berries that covered the ground beneath the tree.

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