Thursday, July 19

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Beauty is often a word associated with the exceptional and the frivolous, but living and working on 5 Loaves Farm has shown me something different. Being immersed in this farm and neighborhood has made it easy for me to experience something beautiful every day. I no longer see this beauty as simply a pleasure, but as a daily requirement to notice and appreciate.

I see beauty in the purple swirls on a turnip. I see beauty in the falling flowers of the elderberry tree. I see beauty in our youth interns working with and teaching each other. I see beauty in the laughter of the neighborhood children as they play in our sprinkler. I see beauty in the persistence of the weeds to break the surface of the soil. I see beauty in the movement of the bees. I see beauty in the neighbor’s eyes as they pick our raspberries. I have come to not only expect to experience this beauty, but to rely on it. It is what gives me hope each day. It is what continuously reminds me to see something greater than myself, and to put my trust in that. It is what allows me to feel connected to people who will be eating the radish my hands just pulled out of the ground, the people walking down the sidewalk past me, the people who are watching the same sunset as me.

In her poem, Angela DiGregorio, a committed volunteer at 5 Loaves farm, grasps the beauty we see in the garden and within ourselves, reflecting the beauty of the Creator.

Paradise (n)

An orchard of pleasure and fruits.

“And he said to him, ‘Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”

My heart rejoices in an invitation.

To sit in a garden with the Breath of Life.

To feel his heartbeat as I pull red radishes from the dirt.

To see the glorious works of his majesty knowing the promise of life to come

As I place tiny seeds in tiny holes with my tiny hands.

Not grasping that none of those things are tiny to him.

He wrote these moments on his palms before he hung the stars.

What an honor to play a part in returning the glory back to the holes in his hands.

For these seeds were not planted in vain.

And I will bask in the lights of his face upon me even when it rains.

For I know the nature of his love-

That every drop of water has been set to land.

And I am no different.

Next Friday, we have the opportunity to share an experience of this beauty together through a collaborative art show at the farmhouse. I am excited for this opportunity to catch a glimpse through the eyes of others and the beauty they see in the garden and 5 Loaves Farm. Join us on July 27thfrom 6-8 pm for 5 Loaves Farm’s summer fundraiser!

Thursday, July 12

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Food always makes making friends easier.  One of the most compelling reasons for being part of a Community Supported Agriculture program is for the community that it builds.  5 Loaves Farm desires to be a hub for neighbors, local business owners, and community groups to connect around food, health, and holistic wellness. This looks like hosting parties (like post pick-up campfires, or the CSA picnic on 7/22), sharing recipes, having yoga & massage sessions at the farmhouse, making space on Saturday mornings for a time of quiet reflection in the garden, as well as partnering with Song Roastery & Nickel City Floral to provide a venue for them to distribute fresh coffee & flowers.   Continue reading “Thursday, July 12”

Thursday, July 5


or “Evening Fridge Visits & Seeing the Beauty Right in Front of You”

By Patrick Kruse (re-posted from July 2016)

I opened my fridge one evening and was looking for something to snack on. You know, like a salty pickle or an orange. Something quick and delicious. I began to rummage around in the drawers and on the bottom shelf. Grrr, nothing quick. I noticed I had a bag of turnip greens and a head of cabbage from our CSA. Wait – this was last week’s CSA! Yikes, I realized I needed to use this stuff! I did a quick search for recipes. Hmm, I didn’t realize turnip greens meant southern cooking. That’s not something I dive into very often. Before long, I was mixing a roux using some local pork lard and flour and getting ready to give those turnip greens and cabbage a nice bath. I ended up with a delicious soup unlike anything I’ve had before.

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Thursday, June 28


The taste of a mulberry takes me right back under the shade of the enormous mulberry tree at my grandparents house.  It’s thick arching limbs were perfect for climbing.  However, there was no need to climb to get more than your fill of berries.  The ends of the limbs draped down almost right to the ground, with free ranging chickens right underneath gobbling up the carpet of berries that covered the ground beneath the tree.

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Thursday, June 14

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Famous chef and local food advocate, Dan Barber, says in his book The Third Plate, that recipes and fine cuisine originated from people taking whatever nature was providing during a given season and doing what they needed to make it taste good.  Resourcefulness is a necessary quality in many aspects of life, but especially to cooks and farmers.

Garlic scapes are a good example of this.

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Thursday, June 7

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The CSA farm share pick-up location has changed this year to the 5 Loaves Farmhouse at 70 W. Delavan.  This structure, once a falling down house, has been transformed into a center not only for the farm, but for the community as well.  We are excited about the numerous opportunities this new facility provides for 5 Loaves Farm to welcome the community into our space.

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Thursday, May 31

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By now it should be clear that Community Support Agriculture represents a different way to connect to your food source; the increased variety, the freshness of picked-that-day produce, new tastes, benefits to the community and local economy.

You should also recognize that sourcing your food through a CSA farm share is also different in terms of access and convenience.  So let’s go through some of the logistics of farm share pick-up…

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Thursday, May 24

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Community Supported Agriculture is for adventurous eaters, conscientious consumers, and those with culinary curiosity.  As we move through the spring’s cool weather crops, to summer staples, and on to fall’s long season crops you’ll get to experience a wide spectrum of the over 80 different crops of fruits and vegetables we grow at 5 Loaves Farm.

A more sustainable and just local food system looks more like a farm stand filled with seasonal specialties (like spring snap peas, summer tomatoes, and fall squash) and novel native food sources (like mulberries, saskatoons, and elderberries), than store shelves stocked with the exact same varieties 365 days a year.  Embracing the challenge and wonder that this brings to your eating experience is one of the most exciting things about a CSA.

So we wanted to provide you some resources to help you make the most out of the diverse array of foods you’ll be seeing in your CSA baskets.   Continue reading “Thursday, May 24”

Tuesday, May 8

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Participating in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) means being a part a new more just food system.  It’s a different way of getting and relating to your food.  Over the month of May, in lead-up to our first farm share pick-up, we want to share with you some of things you can expect from being a part of a CSA.

This week we’re exploring some of the big ideas to keep in mind as you come to pick-up your food from 5 Loaves Farm.  In future weeks we’ll explore more expectations about the details and logistics of our CSA program.

Supermarket v. CSA

Being in a CSA changes the way you shop for food.

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