Wednesday, July 2


The taste of a mulberry takes me right back under the shade of the enormous mulberry tree at my grandparents’ house.  It’s thick arching limbs were perfect for climbing. However, there was no need to climb to get more than your fill of berries.  The ends of the limbs draped down almost right to the ground, with free-ranging chickens right underneath gobbling up the carpet of berries that covered the ground beneath the tree.

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Thursday, June 18

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Famous chef and local food advocate, Dan Barber, says in his book The Third Plate, that recipes and fine cuisine originated from people taking whatever nature was providing during a given season and doing what they needed to make it taste good. Resourcefulness is a necessary quality in many aspects of life, but especially to cooks and farmers.

Garlic scapes are a good example of this.

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Thursday, June 4

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This year has been one for the books, to put it lightly…  As farmers, we work hard planning, planting, weeding, watering, fighting off pests, all to ensure a good harvest. However, there are so many realities that are beyond our control; there are larger forces at work that cause a seed to sprout (and a global pandemic), that drive the weather patterns (and racial justice protests), that cause a harvest (and a life) to be bountiful or sparse.  As we share the “first fruits” of our CSA harvest with our members today, we are reminded that a bountiful harvest is the result of much more than just a farmer’s hard work. Continue reading “Thursday, June 4”

Thursday, May 28

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By now it should be clear that Community Supported Agriculture represents a different way to connect to your food source, with increased variety, the freshness of picked-that-day produce, new tastes, and benefits to the community and local economy.

You should also recognize that sourcing your food through a CSA farm share is also different in terms of access and convenience.  So let’s go through some of the logistics of farm share pick-up. Continue reading “Thursday, May 28”

Thursday, May 14

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Participating in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) means being a part of a new and more just food system.  It’s a different way of getting and relating to your food. Over the month of May, in lead-up to our first farm share pick-up, we want to share with you some of the things you can expect from being a part of a CSA. This week we’re exploring some of the big ideas to keep in mind as you come to pick-up your food from 5 Loaves Farm.  In future weeks we’ll explore more expectations about the details and logistics of our CSA program.

Supermarket v. CSA

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Thursday, March 19

Blog TitlesToday marks the beginning of Spring, and even in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, we at 5 Loaves Farm remain committed to responding with hope, not fear.  Spring is still coming, the plants are still growing, and therefore, we also remain committed to producing healthy food for our community.  Thirdly, we remain committed to being a safe space for folks to interact at a safe distance; a place that can nurture our mental and spiritual health. Continue reading “Thursday, March 19”

Thursday, October 31

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Knowing the farmer who grew your food is the best way to know if you are getting the freshest and healthiest food available.  Food today comes with all kinds of certifications and labels, like “non-GMO”, “organic”, or “all-natural”.  These can be misleading and/or confusing.  It has been suggested that the most important certification you can look for in your food is “face certification”; can you look into the face of the people who grew this produce when you buy it?! Continue reading “Thursday, October 31”