Thursday, July 25

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At 5 Loaves Farm we play many games with our youth employees, but one of our favorites is a game called “The 3 Abilities.” It is a team building game that highlights a combination of values such as connection, generosity, responsibility, and growth, that we try to highlight here on the farm.  Tomorrow is the farm’s summer fundraiser, Art on the Farm, which is also a perfect picture of what this combination of values looks like.  Continue reading “Thursday, July 25”

Thursday, July 18

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In most of North America, blackcurrants (and their red & white relatives) spent the most of the 20th century as forbidden fruits.  However, since the ban on growing currants was lifted in New York State in 2003, the fruits have made a strong comeback and have brought this unique – distinctly European – flavor back to the tables of New England and New York. Continue reading “Thursday, July 18”

Thursday, July 11

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“Let’s go! Hurry up!” Shouts and laughter accompanied the thundering sound of twenty two feet hitting the pavement, racing down the sidewalk to the great befuddlement of neighborhood dog-walkers and passers-by. Ah yes, the vibrant energy of youth. For six weeks from July to August, 5 Loaves Farm is much improved by the smiling faces, mischievous grins, and dedicated work of our summer youth interns. Continue reading “Thursday, July 11”

Wednesday, July 3


The taste of a mulberry takes me right back under the shade of the enormous mulberry tree at my grandparents house.  It’s thick arching limbs were perfect for climbing.  However, there was no need to climb to get more than your fill of berries.  The ends of the limbs draped down almost right to the ground, with free ranging chickens right underneath gobbling up the carpet of berries that covered the ground beneath the tree.

Continue reading “Wednesday, July 3”

Thursday, June 6

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As farmers, we work hard planning, planting, weeding, watering, fighting off pests, all to ensure a good harvest.  However, there are realities that are beyond our control; there are larger forces at work that cause a seed to sprout, that drive the weather patterns, that cause a harvest to be bountiful or sparse.  The fact that we are able hold a ripe strawberry in our hands is the result of much more than just a farmer’s hard work.  The sharing of our “first fruits” teaches us this humility, and teaches us to look beyond ourselves, beyond our own efforts and rewards. Continue reading “Thursday, June 6”