Thursday, September 27

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So this week marks the first official week of fall, and nothing says fall like pumpkin spice donuts and apple cider!  Both of which will be featured at next week’s Celebrate the Harvest event at the farm, a time where we celebrate the changes the farm has brought to our neighborhood.  But not all change is good…  There are those that look skeptically at the changes both fall and the farm have brought.

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Thursday, September 20

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A large part of why 5 Loaves Farm first came to exist is because we wanted to grow healthy food and make it available to anyone in our neighborhood.  The past six years has been a long slow process of learning how to get healthy foods to those that need it most.  In the past two years, however, we have made significant steps forward; by listening to and learning from our neighbors.

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Thursday, September 13

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It’s that time of year again, for us to invite neighbors and farm supporters of all kinds to our annual fall fundraiser, Celebrate the Harvest.  Sunday, October 7 from 2-5pm, will be an afternoon of good food, games, prizes, and more!  Then that evening, at 6pm, we welcome the band The Hunts to a benefit concert right at the farm. Come see how supporting 5 Loaves farm, through either your giving or purchasing our produce, helps make an impact in our community.

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Thursday, August 30

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Posted by: Zoe Noel-Trapani

Soil. Shovel. Snap. Lift. Dump. The feeling of the wooden handle against my skin, sifting through the soil for potatoes, getting dirt underneath my fingernails…. There’s nothing like it! This is what I experienced everyday: the joy of getting to make the earth new, while gaining an understanding of food and culture that went beyond what I could have imagined. I found beauty in learning about different cultures and practicing Jesus’ love in real tangible ways. Continue reading “Thursday, August 30”

Thursday, August 23

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Welcome. That is a word we all desire to hear. When we walk into someone’s home for the first time, one of our first impressions is whether or not we feel welcome in the space. Do I feel safe here? Is this a space where I feel wanted? On 5 Loaves Farm we desire to create a space where all feel welcome. We strive to host an environment where people feel that they can come, enjoy the space, and be surrounded by good food and good people.

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Thursday, August 9

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Finding sustainable and safe ways to deal with pests is one of the organic farmer’s biggest challenges.

This year flea beetles, a small insect that feeds on the brassica (cabbage/mustard) family, have wreaked havoc on our crops.  They feed most during hot spring and summer days, and the hot dry weather we’ve had has provided an ideal environment for them to thrive.  Our mustard greens, cabbage, broccoli, collard greens, kale, arugula have all been decimated by these tiny pests, seriously impacting our ability to bring these crops to market.

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