Thursday, August 23

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Welcome. That is a word we all desire to hear. When we walk into someone’s home for the first time, one of our first impressions is whether or not we feel welcome in the space. Do I feel safe here? Is this a space where I feel wanted? On 5 Loaves Farm we desire to create a space where all feel welcome. We strive to host an environment where people feel that they can come, enjoy the space, and be surrounded by good food and good people.

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Thursday, August 9

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Finding sustainable and safe ways to deal with pests is one of the organic farmer’s biggest challenges.

This year flea beetles, a small insect that feeds on the brassica (cabbage/mustard) family, have wreaked havoc on our crops.  They feed most during hot spring and summer days, and the hot dry weather we’ve had has provided an ideal environment for them to thrive.  Our mustard greens, cabbage, broccoli, collard greens, kale, arugula have all been decimated by these tiny pests, seriously impacting our ability to bring these crops to market.

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Thursday, July 12

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Food always makes making friends easier.  One of the most compelling reasons for being part of a Community Supported Agriculture program is for the community that it builds.  5 Loaves Farm desires to be a hub for neighbors, local business owners, and community groups to connect around food, health, and holistic wellness. This looks like hosting parties (like post pick-up campfires, or the CSA picnic on 7/22), sharing recipes, having yoga & massage sessions at the farmhouse, making space on Saturday mornings for a time of quiet reflection in the garden, as well as partnering with Song Roastery & Nickel City Floral to provide a venue for them to distribute fresh coffee & flowers.   Continue reading “Thursday, July 12”

Thursday, July 5


or “Evening Fridge Visits & Seeing the Beauty Right in Front of You”

By Patrick Kruse (re-posted from July 2016)

I opened my fridge one evening and was looking for something to snack on. You know, like a salty pickle or an orange. Something quick and delicious. I began to rummage around in the drawers and on the bottom shelf. Grrr, nothing quick. I noticed I had a bag of turnip greens and a head of cabbage from our CSA. Wait – this was last week’s CSA! Yikes, I realized I needed to use this stuff! I did a quick search for recipes. Hmm, I didn’t realize turnip greens meant southern cooking. That’s not something I dive into very often. Before long, I was mixing a roux using some local pork lard and flour and getting ready to give those turnip greens and cabbage a nice bath. I ended up with a delicious soup unlike anything I’ve had before.

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Thursday, June 28


The taste of a mulberry takes me right back under the shade of the enormous mulberry tree at my grandparents house.  It’s thick arching limbs were perfect for climbing.  However, there was no need to climb to get more than your fill of berries.  The ends of the limbs draped down almost right to the ground, with free ranging chickens right underneath gobbling up the carpet of berries that covered the ground beneath the tree.

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