Thursday, October 31

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Knowing the farmer who grew your food is the best way to know if you are getting the freshest and healthiest food available.  Food today comes with all kinds of certifications and labels, like “non-GMO”, “organic”, or “all-natural”.  These can be misleading and/or confusing.  It has been suggested that the most important certification you can look for in your food is “face certification”; can you look into the face of the people who grew this produce when you buy it?! Continue reading “Thursday, October 31”

Thursday, October 10

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At 5 Loaves Farm we try to balance the hard work of cultivating the land with taking time to contemplate the effects that this work has on both us and the community around us.  Each Saturday morning during the growing season (April – October), we gather with people from throughout the community for our Contemplation & Cultivation Group, which specifically focuses on both taking quiet time to reflect on what we observe going on around, within, and between us, and partnering together to do the work of tending the garden. Continue reading “Thursday, October 10”

Thursday, October 3


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A large part of why 5 Loaves Farm first came to exist is because we wanted to grow healthy food and make it available to anyone in our neighborhood.  Because food plays such an important role in culture, providing access also means providing culturally relevant foods to our neighbors.  Over the past three years we’ve been learning & experimenting with growing these cultural crops, and tonight we have chance to secure funding that will help grow our capacity to do this at the Pitch 10 competition.  5LF wins the funding if event attendees vote for our project, so click on the link to get your tickets and support our work! Continue reading “Thursday, October 3”

Thursday, September 12

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It’s time for the 8th Annual Celebrate the Harvest fundraiser at 5 Loaves Farm on September 28th from 4-7pm!  Since it’s genesis, this event has been about celebrating with our neighbors.  This year we’re celebrating the diverse cultures, talents, and skills of our neighbors.  We’ll have Asian street food and sports brought to us by our youth employees, customized art work by some ladies that live right next to the farm, grilled salmon from a fisherman that lives up the street from the farm, soups featuring farm produce from our church members, and Puerto Rican foods from another neighbor! Continue reading “Thursday, September 12”

Thursday, September 5


Being part of a CSA means you are going to receive veggies that you don’t normally eat; you are stretched a bit to fit your meal plans with what you receive in your farm share each week. Not much of a fan of cabbage? Well too bad, this spring was the perfect weather for cabbage to grow, so we hope you had fun trying to think of ways to eat them for a few weeks. Never really a fan of beets or swiss chard? (That’s me, I’ll admit) Well this just might be the perfect time to acquaint yourself with them and try to find ways to make yourself like them. Continue reading “Thursday, September 5”

Thursday, August 29

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This week, the local public radio station released a story about the youth employees that work at 5 Loaves Farm.  The story looks at the unique skills that refugee youth bring to the work we are doing, and is part of a larger series called Making Buffalo Home, which explores the impact refugees and immigrants are having on the Buffalo Community.

Click here for the story.

Thursday, August 15

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One of the victims of the wet cold spring that we had this year was our basil crop.  Downy mildew is what usually kills our basil crop eventually , but this year it came especially early, and before we were able to harvest any of our own basil.  However, thanks to the generosity of the Oles Family Farm, some of our farm staff was able to visit their beautiful farm and harvest a bit of basil to bring back and share with our community! Continue reading “Thursday, August 15”