Are DIY flowers right for me?

We suggest that you begin by considering the following questions:

– Do you have a specific vision in mind for what you want your flowers to look like or are you flexible?

– Do you (or others helping you) have time 1-2 days before your event to arrange the flowers?

– Do you have a cool place to store the flowers from the time you pick them up until the time of the event? Farm flowers do not have to be kept in a cooler, but if they are kept in a warm or sunny place it will significantly reduce their vase life.

– Do you (or others helping you) have experience and confidence working with flowers?

-Do you have the ability to transport flowers in buckets or in vases after they are arranged to the final destination? 

-Do you have a large space available to arrange the flowers?

Do you do weddings?

Unfortunately, no.  As a small farm, we do not have the staff to design and set up wedding flower arrangements.  However, you can order flowers by the bucket and design them yourself.

What does “grower’s choice” mean?

We fill your buckets directly from what is growing in the field. While we can estimate what might be blooming at the time of your event, there are no guarantees. When ordering limited quantities (2-3 buckets) we will try to accommodate color scheme requests, if possible. 

How can I figure out how many buckets I will need? 

Unfortunately, without seeing your venue or knowing what vases you will use (or how you will fill them) we really cannot advise you.  We suggest that for a large event you order a bucket of flowers in advance and do a trial run to determine how many buckets you will need for the actual event.   Alternatively, you can schedule a consultation with us and bring the vases with you so we can help you figure that out.

How far in advance should I order?

One to two weeks of advanced notice is required, though more is appreciated.  The earlier you reserve your flowers, the greater the likelihood that we will be able to fill your order.

Do you offer delivery? 

Regrettably, we are unable to make any deliveries.  All orders must be picked up from the farm at 70 W. Delavan.

When do I pay?

For ordering buckets of flowers, we will direct you to the payment page after we receive your request and confirm availability.
For ordering flower arrangements, you can pay directly at the Nickel City Floral Website.

 What is your cancellation policy?

We require 14 days notice for cancellation of confirmed orders. If your order is canceled less than 14 days before your scheduled pick-up, we will charge your credit card for the full amount of your order. We earmark our stems for your order weeks in advance and in some cases may even grow flowers specifically for your order. We appreciate your understanding!

Why do you charge for a consultation when other florists don’t?

A florist builds the cost of their time for consultations into the final price of your flowers. We are selling you flowers by the bucket as an economical option. It is an additional cost of our time for our staff to walk through the farm with you so you can see the flowers, teach you how to care for them, and help you figure out how many you will need for your event.