Join 5 Loaves Farm as we seek to provide…


beanscropped“You give them something to eat,” He said…  We seek to make healthy food available and affordable to all of our neighbors in the city of Buffalo.  And as a Northeast Organic Farming Association Farmer’s Pledge Farm, our “beyond organic” produce is healthy for the planet as well.

Get yourself some of this healthy produce through the CSA program and at our farm stands, or sponsor a CSA membership to make our produce available to low-income neighbors. 


worshipParticipating in the seasonal rhythms of the garden restores something in our souls.  Working the land we find the opportunities to be reconciled to our Creator, community, and all creation.  Taking time to pause and find a peaceful space to reflect also gives us clarity for the way ahead.

Saturday mornings during the growing season (April – October) we invite our neighbors and others to join us for a light breakfast, a time of meditation, and to participate in the redemptive work of the farm.  


Weducatione seek to both teach and learn the life lessons that our gardens and community have to offer.  Whether working with school groups, students after school, or community groups we hope to inspire awe and wonder in a culture increasingly disconnected from their environment and food sources.

Join us for classes and community events in the teaching kitchen at the farmhouse being developed next door, or volunteer to teach a class.


Garden.png15 paid internships are offered to neighborhood youth each year, giving them the chance to become the positive change agents in the community.  They also recieve job skill training from 716 Ministries.  Year-long staff are employed through partnership with the Buffalo Urban Mission Partnership (BUMP).

Donate to 5 Loaves Farm to help make these job training opportunities possible for neighborhood youth.