Buffalo Vineyard Church

5 Loaves Farm is a ministry of the Buffalo Vineyard 1093766_608594505837657_9308590_oChurch. BVC seeks to connect people to God, His people, and purposes.   The farm is just one of the ways BVC engages in missional service within the neighborhood.  Through the farm, BVC seeks to restore people’s connection to their Creator, community, and all of creation.

Buffalo Urban Mission Partnership

d2433910-1240-4a77-bf97-4a9b0f4a899aBUMP is a year-long immersive training in urban ministry.  Members engage in intentional community, theological studies, and service at churches and non-profits in the city of Buffalo.  BUMP members serve as year round staff at the farm. Time for devotion and prayer are woven into their work on the farm and with our neighbors and youth interns.

716 Ministries

Serving the residents of Buffalo, 716 Ministries provideswct7n_tk
housing rehabilitation, job skill training, and facilities management for non-profit organizations.  5LF partners with 716 Ministries as they provide job readiness training for our youth interns.  Through this training they are connected with a career coach, make and plan for achieving goals, and acquire the soft skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

Farmer Pirates Cooperative

flag2The Farmer Pirates are a cooperative of urban farmers located throughout Buffalo.  They work together to compost, order supplies, effect policy change, learn from each other, and participate in the ecological development of our cityscape.